Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Stir-fry alternative...

Today I needed to use up some fresh veggies and some chicken, so I gave in and used soy (in the form of soy sauce) for the first time in over a week. I try not to use it too much since Jack seems sensitive to it these days, but he doesn't have a bad reaction even when he drinks straight soy milk and and eats yogurt all day long. He just gets very phlegmy and a little rashy. We'll see how he does tomorrow after having a little bit of soy sauce in his stir-fry marinade/sauce.

I'd love some good ideas for soy sauce alternatives in stir-fry dishes! Take into account we can't use peanut or sesame ingredients either. The soy sauce we use is wheat-free.

Into the stir-fry went:
fresh finely chopped ginger root
wheat-free soy sauce
chile oil
light olive oil
garlic powder (fresh garlic and/or onions bother both me and Jack)
chicken breast fillets
chinese eggplant
crimini mushrooms
baby bok choy
thai basil
corn starch (or potato starch if you are corn-allergic) & water to thicken after stir-frying
Served mixed with Thai rice noodles (only ingredients are rice and water)... a nice alternative to plain old rice.

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